5 Picturesque Architectural Pavilions

by Alex

1. Portalen Pavilion

The Portalen Pavilion, a public art piece, is a lightweight timber canopy with curved edges. It serves as a meeting space and venue for debates, recitals, courses, open air theatre and other cultural activities. The pavilion, designed as a deployable timber gridshell, was developed by Spanish architects Map13 Barcelona in an international collaboration with Summum Engineering in the Netherlands and Edyta Augustynowicz in Switzerland.


2. Screen Pavilion

The project is called “Screen Pavilion”, which is the most exemplary of the public service pavilions in the Xianghu Scenic Area. Xianghu is the core scenic spot of urban life in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou. It has a long history where the Yue kingdom was located in the Spring and Autumn warring state Period. Now the Xianghu Lake area has been turned into a city park that accommodates the life of the local community. Parents take their children to the beach and play in the sands, young people come to ride or running at night, many couples come here for dating.


3. Confluence Park

Confluence Park is a living laboratory that allows visitors to gain a greater understanding of the ecotypes of the South Texas region and the function of the San Antonio River watershed. Throughout the park, visitors learn through observation, engagement and active participation.


4. Outside-in Pavilion

The pavilion, commissioned by a matriarch to gather her family in nature, is a tribute to the natural world. It encourages one to be in nature as much as possible, whether dining, relaxing, star-gazing, or even sleeping. Located in the East End of Long Island, its form simulates a forest. (and loosely resemble the silos of adjacent potato farms as well). Ascending cedar wood posts, attached to glue-laminated rings, evoke tree branches of varying heights. The wood material speaks for itself, stripped of adornment. This structure, that activates the front yard of a simple wood-clad cabin, imparts a fluidity between interior and exterior.


5. Bamboo Bamboo, Canopy Pavilions

The Impression Sanjie Liu, Yangshuo, Guilin is located in one of the most dramatic landscapes in China. Endless greenery surrounds the site filling space between large karst towers of rock. With a landscape, so grand any moves to dismiss it, let alone compete would make little sense. With this understanding, it was decided that the natural elements themselves would form the premise for what architecture would inhabit the site, one element, in particular, bamboo.



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