7 Office Interiors that will make You Miss Going To Work

by Alex

7 Office Interiors that will make You Miss Going To Work


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and offices have decided that it is safest for their workers to work from home. Despite the convenience of the work-from-home setup, surely many people are missing traveling to their offices, working in their usual workstations, as well as physically communicating with their workers. Therefore, DesignDaily has compiled a list of office interiors that will give you a taste of the office environment, as well as help everyone look forward to getting back to work.


  1. Broissin Toreo Office

“In BROISSIN Toreo all spaces are designed as controlled work cells, ventilated and regulated by an air quality meter. It is a corporate office 100% free from ‘hot desk’ type spaces or communal work stations, ensuring that physical contact between users will only be necessary between related teams and in autonomous zones with no more than 8 people at a time.”


  1. Office and Set of TV Ponyo en el Garage

“The premises will be used as a workshop for the creation and editing of audiovisual content where a group of 60 to 100 people will work. The budget for the project has to be distributed with 80% for wiring and installations and 20% for offices, landscaping and furniture.”

  1. BAM Office

“In keeping with the elegant simplicity of the building, the design of the ground floor opening onto the building’s enclosed courtyard consists of a single long gallery used as show-room, meetings or gallery and can be divided almost by its half why a sliding translucent wall in 2 large rooms.”

  1. Bureau Borsche Office and Furniture System

Borsche’s primary desire was that he would be able to work together with his team at one common table and have a lounge area to retreat to. To achieve this, three rooms of various functions were created: a showroom in the front-facing building, a workspace in the rear building, and archives in the basement, connecting the showroom and workspace.

  1. Thor Spain Office

“The required program ends up adapting to the different spaces existing between the massive structural walls. In order to shorten the execution times of the works, the different rooms are divided with metalwork elements that were commissioned at the beginning of the project. Its glass construction allows maintaining the spatial sequence so characteristic of the structural system of that time.”

  1. Office in Madrid Xeito Investments

“This is why the heart of the project revolves around a circle, a complete viewing angle of 360º, a central meeting point that articulates the space and also welcomes future visitors. Xeito is a meeting place that is transparent, open and dynamic, linked to projects that support innovation applied to the improvement of people’s wellness in living, work or comercial spaces. Around the central circle different projects and gradients, from the most collective activities to the most individual, concatenate and sometimes overlap.”

  1. Agora Office

“The geometries which are considered eternal and the patrimony of our memory become ephemeral/evanescent, light and ironic. The scenography is realised/composed with volumes of rubber (polyurethane), covered with lacquered sheets and defined with metal structures.”

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