7 School Campuses to Make You Miss School

by Alex

Has quarantine made you miss going out, attending classes, and seeing your friends? Us too! These seven school campuses will give you nostalgia for the good ol’ days.


  1. School of the Arts

“The school combines a high-density, inner-city school with a professional performing arts venue. The design is a new paradigm, a large, dense, perforated urban object that achieves natural light and ventilation to all areas, despite its deep dimensions.”

  1. Yoshino Nursey School and Kindergarten

“Unlike steel or reinforced concrete, wood is warm and pleasant to the touch. Children will climb wooden pillars because the material feels so nice. They would never do the same with cold steel or concrete. Wooden pillars also age beautifully, absorbing the marks left by hundreds of little hands as if the material itself is recording its own history.”

  1. The Northstar School

“The primary intent was to find ways to learn with nature. The fundamental unit of schools are classrooms. So, the design process started in programming a single classroom module with cross ventilation, its own private garden and an open to sky jallied courtyard.”

  1. Maya Somaiya Library, Sharda School

“Alluding to the impetus that children have towards landscape over a building we imagined the library building to be a formal extension of the ground plane. A place inside for study and a place above for play.”

  1. Park Brow Community Primary School

“The completed design carefully integrates an open and inviting building into a well balanced landscape proposal, prioritising the safety and orientation of pedestrians over the requirement to provide vehicular access to the building.”

  1. French International School

“In the concrete jungle of Hong Kong, the new campus of the French International School stands as a vibrant green oasis in the dense city. 1100 pupils now enjoy a colorful, collaborative multicultural learning space, setting the scene for the working environment of tomorrow.”

  1. Liyuan Middle School

“The main connection between the south and north zone is a ribbon-shaped corridor, at the second floor level. This corridor links visually the two distinct areas and shapes the school’s outline. In several portions of the project, the space changes accordingly to the dynamic of the corridor.”

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