7 Tropical Vietnamese Houses to take Inspiration From

by Alex
  1. Jalousie House

Jalousie house was built on a 7m (west-facing) x 14m (south-facing), in Hue city. In urban areas of Vietnam, the same narrow-shaped houses stood side by side. This type of house faced the risk of lack of air and light because the sides are adjacent to others. Beside that, Hue is one of the places with the largest rainfall in Vietnam. Located in this climate, we create a way of “layering” on top of each other, creating a gap of ventilation and watertight like the way the carpenter makes louver doors. Based on that idea, here, we use two layering schemes, one is the glass shutters with the folding pattern wall in the facade and the other is the breeze blocks system in the backside.


  1. Da House

We were asked to build a house for a young married couple with children that combine a separated kitchen workspace, dedicated to the family’s restaurant chain called “PHỞ DẠ”. Inside the land plot, they express the desire to have a family workspace that connects daily life to their work so they can directly try out and invent family recipes for the “Phở”. Besides, they also seek a living space close to nature.

  1. House in Chau Doc

Located in a suburb of ChauDoc town in AnGiang province, Southern Vietnam, this house is a sharing residence of 3 nuclear families who are kin. Although this project budget was tightened with local standards, which only allowed us to build a house with thin corrugated metal panels, we have tried to satisfy not only the regional spirits but also the rich lifestyle in which is fulfilled by sunlight, greenery and natural ventilation, as it were, living in a half-outdoor gardens.


  1. NDT TLC Home

NDT TLC Home is located in a densely populated area in Bac Ninh province. The project has an area of ​​80m2 (4m x 20m) and the main facade is North. This is a typical tube house in Vietnam with the common feature of a narrow facade and an elongated living area. The house is designed for a young couple with two young children. The owner is a nature lover so one of his fundamental requirements is to create a living space with a lot of trees and to increase outdoor spaces to the maximum.


  1. Hoc Mon House

The site is located in the suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The house is a place to live and play of a three-generation family. The house is designed to adapt to the tropical climate, increase the connection of people with each other and with nature through the living space by architectural solutions.


  1. K-Villa+

Located in Cần Thơ city, Vietnam nearby the tranquil Mekong river, K-Villa+ is designed with the modern style, adapted to Lotus Home Standard for Green Building (certified by Vietnam Green Building Council),maximizing the open space to gain the harmony with nature, enhancing the bio-climatic comfort and the healthy, respecting the environment and participating in contributes to the development of sustainable architecture in Vietnam. Sustainable architecture. With a lower building density less than 15%, the effort of prioritizing for green space, water surface, rainwater-absorbing surface, green roof, … has reduced the urban heat island effect.


  1. SKB House

A country house in the city. The SKB house construction ,of which roofs were made of Cogon grass, bears an unique environment friendly style. It not only satisfied the solution of anti-climate change but also brought an ultimate creation into the modern cosmo space. The construction of 198sqm, includes of 3 main sections: Office quarter, Living room quarter and Private room quarter. The living room links directly to a little bar which could flexibly be turned into training area for F&B staff. The second floor bears an open space to the garden of which a sub-kitchen for outdoor BBQ.

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