DesignDaily’s Pick: Top 7 Mexican Houses

by Alex

Mexico’s warm climate, unique topography and local materials make the architecture in this country different from everywhere else in the world. Here are 7 houses that show the different modern interpretations of the culture, topography, climate and materials by different architects.


  1. Carrizal Housing

“Looking to move away from the scheme of housing attached to homes, the social part and garden of each house is worked with a lattice that allows transparency from side to side of the property. As a result; a sense of openness between two solids and long views throughout the project.”


  1. Ocoxal House

“The formal composition evokes the traditional houses in Valle de Bravo, the image of the cabin with a gabled roof proposes a reinterpretation of this iconography with a contemporary aesthetic achieved thanks to the black sheet on the facade, the concrete and the glass.”

  1. Casa Media Perra

“We raised the floor of the house by means of wooden and steel columns, with the firm idea of ​​leaving a more permeable floor that would not have a great impact on the nature of the land and use the lower floor as an outdoor amphitheater for meetings and events relatives.”

  1. La Escondida Apartments

“The project respects the topography of the lot, with its 20 to 40 degree slope, by means of a sequence of stepping, rotation and intermediate patios. Thus, a standard pattern was established, replicable among the different units, that allows for 180- degree views and plenty of natural light and ventilation in each department, with a complex layout that offers a unique experience to each user.”

  1. JapoNeza Retreat

“JapoNeza retreat is designed by Fausto Terán a filmmaker who will introduce your senses into this amazing experience. The house is a beautiful set where you can appreciate his formidable point of view. Just two hours away from Mexico City, you will find this unique and harmonical arquitectural piece.”

  1. From The Territory to the Inhabitant

“Our proposal is developed in the municipality of Xochitepec, Mexico. The porch-house consists of a large terrace, a large room dividable in two, a semi-open double-height kitchen/dining room, suitable for traditional barbeque, a separate bathroom and a second floor.”


7. Chaaltun House

“Architecture approaches nature by rearranging its elements. In Casa Chaaltun, this conformation was an attempt to evoke and interpret the natural and cultural context of the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico, challenging the mainstream perception and common use of its natural materials.”

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