DesignDaily’s Picks: Top 7 Japanese Residential Projects

by Alex

Japan has always been a cradle for architects and new architectural ideas. And with most architecture hotbeds are very unique houses by a variety of young and old architects with unique and creative designs. Here are some of DesignDaily’s picks for Japanese Houses to give you a taste of what it feels like to live in the Land of the Rising Sun.


  1. Hanazono Residence

“This adjacent open space was regarded as a positive surplus space and was a clue in design. In the gable-shaped volume planned to the limit of the size of the site, a small court of 1.8 meters square was arranged so as to penetrate horizontally toward the open space and vertically toward the sky.”

  1. Lighthouse Residential Building

“The building was planned as a series of open floors with a plan developed around the doma space 土間. The doma is in traditional Japanese buildings an area associated with the daily use and the entrance points, and it was the center of the socialization.”

  1. House in Tonami

“The owner, who lives far away, decided to build a new final home in his hometown. This area has a typical climate on the Sea of Japan side. Although it varies from year to year, there is a lot of snow in winter, and the cloudy sky spreads throughout the year.”

  1. House of Many Arches

“With the desire for more openness and comfort, the challenge of the project was to reconfigure the overall layout to provide a spacious work-live space with minimal compartmentalization to allow plenty of light and air throughout each space. Renovation efforts mainly focused on interior space with focus on structural and seismic reinforcement and improvement of climate control performance with upgrading of windows, doors and insulation systems.”

  1. House I

“In this house, we will always feel each other, not too tightly nor feeling alone and close to nature outside.“ By these words, I realized that this idea could be concerned fundamentally with the Japanese traditional house, even if it doesn’t look like a traditional house at all.”

  1. Stir

“A narrow alley with signs of living, railway overpasses with trains every minute, wide city planning roads under construction for 2020. The site is located in a unique place between three different environments. I thought of an architecture that stands up with the environment while reacting to the different scales, distance, speed, sound, and brightness.”

  1. Sen Retreat Takahara

“It consists of three buildings; a main building used as a reception and common space, a second building used as a shower facility and a third building used for guest rooms. As for the exterior, while utilizing parts of the existing building materials, it is also newly covered by local Kishu cedar boards that will, overtime, weather naturally to give it a more rustic and rugged look which aligns with the ancient road of Kumano Kodo.”

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