Top 7 Coffee Shop Designs From Around The World

by Alex

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. Per year, 400 billion cups of coffee are consider worldwide. Therefore, DesignDaily has chosen these 7 coffee shops to commemorate this amazing hot drink for the soul.

  1. PONT Coffee Shop

“The space of [pont] was originally a long-shaped railroad office building in the 1940s that connected the two horizontal paths in this town. Each side facing each road has a door, which looks like a shortcut to the neighborhood.”

  1. Tiam Coffee Shop & Home

“Located near the crossroad in the center of Hue city, Tiam was renovated from an 18-year-old house, which was in really bad condition. With a gross built area of only 35 m2, this is the living space for a three-generation family of seven members.”


  1. Berta Bakery & Coffee Shop

“The project is the personified feeling of being with somebody you know, who you look for when seeking comfort. Through the representation of simple village life in the Mediterranean, the simplicity and character of BERTA can start to emerge.”


  1. Basdban Coffee Shop

“The design of this project is supported by close collaboration between the brand founder, baristas, roasters, graphic designers, structural engineers, constructors, and the dongqi team, in an effort to create a comprehensive space accommodating coffee, roasting, retail, and event functions.”

  1. BWTC (Best Way To Cup) Coffee Shop

“Our platform was a narrow and deep room with arched openings, a total area of 57 square meters. The first floor has a «to go» function. There are several seats on one side and on another side has all coffee processes organized in one line, without interfering with the movement of people, creating contact between the barista and the guest.”

  1. Kilogram Coffee Shop

“Kilogram is a 212 m2 coffee shop designed to meet the needs of coffeehouse and flexible working space.Beside the use of commercial purpose, the main purpose was to build a harmonious environment blends in discreetly with its surrounding working environment. It confines without being overly restrictive; a versatile laboratory for the daily routines.”

  1. Voyage Coffee Rd. Yongjia

“The cafe is located on side of Yongjia Road, in the former French concession in Shanghai. On the other side of the road, there is a 1928 built German heritage castle which has wall surface with fine sand mixed pebble and a tower with steep roof. It used to be Ziwen Song’s residence and now serves as a centre for the elderly.”

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