2nd URBASTYLE Public Space Design Competition

by Robbie

Recreate Concrete Outdoor Picnic Furniture is an open competition of ideas based on the theme of street/urban furniture and picnic. It must be primarily conceived in precast architectural concrete but other elements made of materials like wood, steel, synthetic, etc. can be added as useful complementary elements.

Reinvent the way we have outdoor picnics in a fresh, eco, new, open, inclusive way. The competition invites you to rethink the table, benches, chairs, and litter bins with precast concrete to (re)create a great experience in family, with friends, with your partner or on your own.

The proposal must be realistic — URBASTYLE will select one of the three winning projects and prototype it.

Submission Requirements

Contestants will submit a maximum of 2 A3 PDF files. Contestants can draw, add pictures, make plans, write small texts in English or use any visual media they can fit on
the PDF file in a digital form.


This open competition of ideas is open to students and young professionals of minimum 18 yrs old up to 30 yrs old by 31 December 2021 in the fields of design, architecture, interior design and interior architecture, landscape design and architecture, and engineering. Other fields that are not listed in this shortlist can be approved by the competition upon request. If an entry is made by a group, all members of the group must respect the age limit condition and the award will be shared equally among the members of the competition.



  • 1st Prize: 2000 €
  • 2nd Prize: 1200 €
  • 3rd Prize: 800 €

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