Concept Design of Derbent Spiritual Center

by Robbie

About the Project

A unique project of national and international interest, which symbolizes the harmony and coexistence of religions and cultures not only in the ancient City of Derbent, but as universal values of contemporary times. The project consists of the following elements:

  • Central Cathedral Mosque
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • Synagogue
  • Conference Hall, Museum, Library
  • Landscaped Park

The project is to be built on a central site of approximately 25 hectares. The site is located in a dominant location within a newly planned quarter of the City, located to the south of historical center.

The main building in the Spiritual Center will be the “Motherhood Tears” Central Cathedral Mosque, with an indoor capacity of approximately 9000 worshippers. The Spiritual Center will also include a Russian Orthodox Church and a Synagogue for approximately 900 worshippers each.

In addition to the religious buildings, the Spiritual Center will include social and cultural use buildings including a conference center, a library, a museum, and other related uses, in a suitably landscaped park setting, symbolizing the tie between the holy and the secular.

Architects and architectural firms with a proven record of experience in religious and/or cultural public buildings of no less than 10 years may take part in this competition.

Registration Deadline:  Monday, Oct 18, 2021

Submission Deadline:  Monday, Dec 20, 2021


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