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Established in 2013, the CREATIVE HACK AWARD is an annual award for next-generation creators, who value ambitious vision and think beyond the borders of countries and regions. The theme of the award is “HACK”, in which the award describes as – a desire to improve something you absolutely love; a desire to overthrow something you absolutely detest. This year marks the 8th year of the award, and only requirement to enter the award is to clearly state “what” you hacked and “how” and “why”. Entry is free.

– Entry Information

Manifestation / Demonstration / Representation of the “HACK attitude”,
or a Visualization thereof.

Clearly state: What, Why, and How you HACKed.

No Rules, No Limitations, No Restrictions.

No Rules, No Limitations, No Restrictions.

[Application Period]
2021/07/30 (Fri) – 2021/09/24 (Fri)

[Applicant Eligibility]
Any age, sex, or nationality submissions are accepted.
Submissions accepted from people of any age, gender and nationality.
One person or one group may submit up to 5 works.
(Submissions from organizations are not permitted.)

[Award Criteria]
Does it have the “Wow Factor”?:
There should be an element of surprise = The “What”
Does it have a social aspect? :
The sharpness, breadth, and depth of the
question being raised = The depth of the “Why”.
Does “it” have a convincing form?:
The ability to choose an appropriate medium
to entirely represent the idea = The “How”

– Grand Prize (1 applicant)
– Second Prize (1 applicants)
– Special Prize (3 applicant)
– Sony Prize (1 applicant)
– Wacom Prize (1 applicant)
– Public Prize (1 applicant)

– Seiichi Saito (Representative of Panoramatiks. )
– Hisatsugu Kasajima (Executive producer of Eallin Japan Co., Ltd.)
– Tetsuya Mizuguchi (A representative of Enhance.)
– Yasuharu Sasaki (Executive Officer, Digital Creative Center Head, and Executive Creative Director of Dentsu.)
– Claudia Cristovao (Head of Brand Studio APA at Google.)
– Shiho Fukuhara (Artist)
– Shuzo John Shiota (Polygon Pictures / CEO)
– Hiroshige Fukuhara (Creative Director of Creative Center Design Business Development Office, Sony Group Corporation.Creative Director of Sony Design Consulting Inc.)
– Michiaki Matsushima (WIRED Japan Editor-in-Chief)


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