raumplus Space Plus Make Life Exciting System Furniture Design Competition

by Robbie

“If you want to create a refreshing interior space, then you have to consider the empty spaces between the various object structures.” —— I.M.Pei

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” —— Leonardo da Vinci

raumplus Space PLUS is an international competition IP jointly created by European high-end home furnishing brand raumplus and international design competition platform Young Bird Plan.

“raumplus Space PLUS” aims to add design, function and other details to the family space, thus paying tribute to life; this competition will collect systematic furniture design works from the whole industry and the whole society. A jury will be composed of experts in the design field and representatives from various parties, to select forward-looking, systematic and diversified high-quality design solutions. The focus is on the application of products in the space, which can rejuvenate the infinite possibilities of each living space and enhance the sense of life happiness.

—— Proposition ——
In the past, we’ve been immersed in catching up with the “fast era”, regardless of whether it is really suitable for us, and our lives are full of products of “fast food culture”. However, since last year, we have been forced to press the pause button. During the slowdown, people begin to rethink what is really needed. According to the survey, 90% of families think their home space is not satisfactory, because home and family space are no longer just shelters from wind and rain. We hope there’ll be more beautiful memories and wonderful life moments in the limited home space.

—— Competition Goals——
The competition is jointly initiated by the European high-end home customization brand raumplus and the international design competition platform Young Bird Plan. By making systematic product design for three types of home living spaces (bedroom, living room, study), the competition aims to break the inherent lifestyle, add highlights to daily life, and enrich the furniture product system, so as to activate various spaces in the family, create more life possibilities, and enhance happiness in ordinary life, simultaneously passing the brand core concept —— “Make Life Exciting” .

raumplus is a Germany brand, inheriting German precision manufacturing and simple aesthetics, following the simple and practical Bauhaus design concept in home design, advocating the minimalist style of “less is more”.

The minimalist lifestyle advocated by the brand is not to pursue visual impact and gain people’s attention, but to emphasize the life attitude and life needs ofthe space owner, to attach importance on the comfort of self-living and respect the inner demands of users. Blindly relying on expanding space and purchasing more furniture is not the best solution. Therefore, we began to consider the application of furniture in various spaces and develop systematic furniture that could not only meet the functional needs of life, but also produce a sense of happiness in life.

—— Jury Panel ——
There are nine starring juries in raumplus Space PLUS “Make Life Exciting” System Furniture Design Competition:

Ding Wei: Dean of School of art design and media, ECUST, and founder of Moma design
James Wei Ke: Partner and Design Principal of CHIASMUS Partners
Zhang Xi: MSc ETH Arch | SIA, Cofounder of EXH design Shanghai , EXH design AG Zürich, Founder of Superlab Suisse AG
Cathy Wang: Founder / Principal of Montaigne Design
Xu Ming: Partner of Studio MVW
Virginie Moriette: Partner of Studio MVW
Joeri Reynaert: Founder & Creative Director of JRS
Wall.Cheng: raumplus showroom designer

—— Design Challenges ——
■ Bedroom
Private space for sleeping and resting / Sooth and delight oneself
Product suite composition: (bed), bedside cabinet, dresser, wall cabinet, wardrobe, cloakroom, bed background
Note: Allowing a choice between the cloakroom and the wardrobe; the dresser can be independent or combined with the cloakroom as a whole; the bed is optional.
Focus on the storage function of clothes

■ Living room
A family space for gathering and sharing, comfortable and self-releasing
Product suite composition: TV wall, (sofa, coffee table), side cabinet, wine cabinet, cigar cabinet, entrance cabinet, sofa background
Note: Allowing a choice between the wine cabinet and the cigar cabinet, or they can be combined into one. The sofa and the coffee table are optional.

■ Study room
Enjoy the solitary space for thinking / Relax and return to oneself
Product suite composition: bookcase, desk, hobby collection cabinet, (study chair)
Note: The hobby collection cabinet (redwine, cigar, tea set, various art collections, etc.) can be themed by yourself. The study chair is optional.

■ Each entrant participates in the design of at least one of the above 3 spaces. The products in each space are fixed options and cannot be selected or omitted.
■ Up to 2 entries can be submitted for each space.
■ In each space, furniture can be designed according to the provided apartment type reference, both customized and finished products are available, or you can design by your own style.

—— Evaluation Criteria ——
■ The entrant shall consider the foresight, functionality and artistry in each space scene;
■ The entrant shall consider the applicability and practicability of the product in various spaces;
■ The entrant shall consider the cost of materials and craftsmanship while designing to make the work achievable;
■ The entrant shall have a deep understanding of each space furniture system required in future lifestyles, and a deep understanding of brand culture and customer groups.

—— Submission Materials ——
■ A scheme shall be presented in three A2 sheets in a clear, vertical way and in readable format (with a 10mm page margin) and include following parts:
– A detailed description of project theme, no more than 300 words (except notes);
– A brief description of the monomeric material, size, craft, and combination: no more than 300 words (except notes);
– Registration No. (initial letters are YB) should be put in the upper right corner of the paper. Requirement font of number: Arial, font size: 20;
– Combination diagram should include plan, elevation, top view, combination forms, concept analysis, rendering for different space and other detailed drawings.
■ The layout of all drawings cannot exceed three A2 drawings. The submission format is uniformly JPG, and the size of each drawing shall be within 10MB.
■ The entry scheme shall be named by the entrant; the works drawings shall be named in the format of “Registration No.-scheme name-01/02/03”.
■ Works submission language: Chinese-English (Bilingual)or English.
■In all drawings and text descriptions, please do not disclose personal information, including names, schools, etc.
■ The cover of the work shall be uploaded. As the main visual of the work, the cover shall be sized 1045×654, 72dpi, and within 2MB. (Please conform to the above Entry Requirements, any entry that fails to follow these items may be disqualified.)

Deadline for submission: August 03, 2021 23:59 (GMT + 8)
All contents are subject to designverse official website

—— Eligibility ——
■ Practitioners, students and enthusiasts of any design and art related disciplines can participate in the competition, regardless of nationality and age;
■ Entrants can be individuals or teams. Each team of entrants is no more than 3 people. All team members need to register on the official website. For frequently asked questions, please follow the Q&A section of official website;
■ Each Registration No. can be used to submit up to 2 entries. If more than two works need to be submitted, the entrant needs to register another account to obtain Registration No.

—— Timeline ——
2021.6.03          Call for entries
2021.8.18          Registration deadline
2021.8.18          Submission deadline
2021.8.27          Release of shortlisted winners
2021.9.03          Release of Top 30
2021.9.17          Release of Top 3 and the Champion
The timeline is just for reference only, the specific time is subject to designverse official website.

—— Awards ——
■ Champion
1 winner; A prize of RMB 60,000 (pre-tax) + Certificate of Honor
■ Top 3
2 winners; A prize of RMB 20,000 (pre-tax) + Certificate of Honor
■ Top 30
27 winners; Certificate of Top30 Honor
■ Shortlists
Certificate of Shortlist Honor

—— Registration ——
■ Please register by logging into our official website: www.designverse.com.cn.
■ For the latest information about this competition, please follow our official WeChat account: designverse设计宇宙 or our official Weibo account: @YoungBirdPlan;
■ You can directly contact the competition team by add YoungBirdPlan as one of your Wechat friends, or you can enter our official website to submit questions. We remain at your service here for any further questions you may have.

—— Organizers ——
In 1986, raumplus is founded in Bremen, Germany. It is specialized in the high-end cabinet systems and sliding doors.
More than 1,000 global showrooms are located in 70 countries across the 5 continents.
raumplus products are consistently honored with the prize of Red Dot Award, IF Product Design Award and Germany National Design Award.
As the high-end home brand in Europe, raumplus owns the fine workmanship and exquisite Germany quality, it inherits the simple and practical Bauhaus design notion as well.
raumplus aims to make life exciting to all the new middle-class families and commercial customers.

Young Bird Plan
Founded in 2013 by Isa Ye, Young Bird Plan, is an international competition platform for global design talents. With three key elements, viz. fabrication, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, it is fast becoming a leading voice in global design fields like urban design, architecture design, landscaping design, interior design, product design, logo design and fashion design.
On the one hand, the platform constantly connects and meets various demands from political, business, and academic circles and actively fill supply and demand gaps among designers, manufacturers, developers, urban operators and users. We are committed to design and innovation, and offering opportunities for creative minds around the world to participate in creation process, so as to propel the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and life aesthetics. Besides, Young Bird Plan is devoted to pushing the urban development and offering high-quality solutions to product updates. On the other hand, as one of the most influential design competition platforms around the world, we make every effort to create opportunities for young designers.


cash prize award: $ 15,660.00 USD

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