Applied Arts from Nature Residency

by Robbie

The Applied Arts from Nature Residency is an initiative organized between Passa Ao Futuro and Loulé Criativo with the aim of exploring and preserving the intangible heritage and the Portuguese cultural heritage of local crafts(wo)men; re-thinking the historical past, facilitating collaboration and innovation between crafts(wo)men and national and international designers and architects in the creation of new contemporary utilitarian pieces; inspiring younger generations to continue this heritage specifically within the practices of regenerative design.

5 designers and 5 artisans will work with different traditional materials and techniques from the Algarve region – cork, hammered copper, palm, terracotta pottery and tiles.

The residency will take place in the Loulé Criativo space and in the artisans’ workshops, in the Algarve. At the end there will be an exhibition of the pieces in the Gama Lobo Palace in Loulé followed by one in Lisbon.

Download the information related to this event here.

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