Co-Design for Co-Habitation Workshop 2020

by Alex

Date: September 28 – 30, 2020

Venue: Carrer Pujades 102, Barcelona


Are you interested in learning more about novel tools for participatory urban design processes? On 28-30 September 2020, PPS will be having its third Creative and Capacity Building Workshop in Barcelona titled ‘Co-Design for Co-Habitation Workshop’, developed by IAAC in collaboration with its partners of BUAS and CLAC.

The pandemic and environmental crises, today, are forcing us to rethink the city models, including reducing the circulation of private vehicles allowing to reappropriate part of the streets into public space. At the same time, the pandemic crisis has demonstrated a growing necessity to invest in urban models that are circular and self-sufficient, as well as inclusive and collectively created.

Therefore, within these current and challenging moments that society and urbanity are going through, we need to further a reflection on resilient co-habitation in our cities and on a diversity of uses for public space.

Which are the new models of inhabitation, production and consumption that can ensure well being to all? How can we increase public space and diversity its use? How can we engage citizens in a collective reflection on current consumption models, driving society towards behavioural change? Can we set up innovative participatory processes in urban design and planning, taking into consideration current constraints of social distancing for public health?

In the Co-Design for Co-Habitation Workshop participants will work with experts in the field of architecture, art, gaming, participatory design and advanced technologies towards the development of innovative strategies fostering a collective reflection on co-habitation in cities, and focusing on enhancing sustainable consumption habits, as well as self-sufficiency and circularity. Citizens, together with experts, will develop disruptive tools (based on urban games, immersive installations, interactive urban elements, etc) to foster the co-creation and co-design of public space for current and future urban challenges.

The workshop will help strengthen the sense of appropriation of these spaces (placemaking) and will help to make the neighbourhood’s social relations of proximity more inclusive and organic. The neighbourhood’s citizens and residents of different ages, genders and nationalities are invited to participate in the workshop.

The Workshop is part of the Public Play Space (PPS) Project, co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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