Social Problems are Design Problems

by Alex

Date: October 9 (4:00PM-6:30PM Philippine ST)

Venue: Online


The future is unknown, but we can design it together.

Who knows what 2021 holds? Or 2022? 2023? What we do know is that we have the chance to design it today.

We’ve gathered changemakers from different industries – ranging from health, education, agriculture, and space – to lead an open conversation on social design.

Through their stories and experiences, we aim to explore how human-centered design can solve problems, impact our communities and introduce systemic change across all industries.



Join the conversation!

Join us as we work to expand our shared perspective on what design can do: design that grows beyond the visual, and integrates itself into systems that can change lives. This is an interactive online event with active audience participation (within our Zoom call).


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