Towards an ecological city: Water & Public Space

by Robbie

The 2021 Summer School will focus on water and public spaces in urban areas.

WHICH PROBLEM? Climate change is confronting global cities to extreme conditions that are not able to control natural events anymore. The process of urbanization has marginalized nature and water, provoking side effects: heat island, increasing of pollution, soil-sealing. Thus urban citizens are demanding healthy cities.

HOW TO ACT? We believe in Public Spaces. A new approach in designing public spaces through water can respond to these extreme conditions that threaten cities. The aim is to reflect and investigate through international case studies and theoretical lectures the importance of water inside the contemporary city. Lectures will be run online in order to make the programme accessible to a wider number of participants. Tutors, lecturers and special guests as well as academics from a broad range of disciplines such as engineering, hydraulics, sociology, philosophy, architecture and economy will participate. The most interdisciplinary we are more reflections we have!


Download the information related to this event here.

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