Tracce – talks about ideas, inspirations and provocations

by Robbie


We believe in contamination, exploration and collaboration, therefore although we are architects, we wanted to look at creativity from a broader point of view. We invited a series of international creatives who through their work challenge establishments and asked them to join us in conversation, talking about inspirations, ideas and provocations.
The guests so far have been GrilloVasiu (architects), Marco Barbieri (photographer), Matt Quinn (director of Squint/Opera) Tamsin Green (Architect/photographer), Lucy Mclauchlan (street artist), Marco Oggian (graphic artist), Fondamenta (architects), and the next one up will be Fabrizio Fontana (art director and editor), Tom Benson (MIT researcher), Ghigo diTommaso (director of Gehl), Sole Ferragamo (jewelry designer) and many others.

We also asked each guest to nominate a new candidate for the next lecture. This way, the network expands and grows, making TRACCE not only an opportunity for information and exchange, but also an ever-expanding networking opportunity, something quite necessary in these very complex times. With the hope that this will provide new connections and fuel unexpected collaborations.

You can read more the details on our website

We also created a DataBase page where we extrapolate thoughts, ideas and inspirations discussed by the guests in the form of images, text, videos, so that hopefully, in the eyes and the mind of someone else, they can generate new ones. Like an ever expanding source of information, this aims to be a shared resource.

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