Webinar: Frameworks For Interaction

by Alex

Date: September 8 (4:00PM) – September 29 (5:00PM) 2020

Venue: Online

Frameworks For Interaction is a series of webinars organised by Nomada with institutional partnership from the Chamber of Urban Developers from Argentina. In this series of webinars we will be talking with international speakers regarding the future of buildings, cities and the way we live and work.

As our name states, Nomada is a company which is in constant movement. We are interested in pushing our own limits, understand the new dogmas that will reign the market and learn from the most respected and creative minds to keep on improving. From this concept is that we organised this series of webinars.

As the name of the series states, the focus of the lectures relies on understanding and believing that spaces are a key asset for societies in order to build community and social tissue. Spaces are the tools that mould the way we live and the way we relate to each other. In today’s context, space should evolve to new necessities and allow people to live in more stimulating and healthy environments that enhance human relationships.

The audience for this event is broad. Anyone who is eager to keep on learning and internalising how professionals around the world are thinking and working the future of space, buildings, cities, developments, mobility and data will find a deep interest in this series.


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