XVI World Biennale of Architecture Interarch 2020

by Alex

Date: October 25-28, 2020

Venue: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy


XVI World Biennale of Architecture is an open international forum with professional participation of architects and students from all over the world, profiling a panorama of the tendencies and achievements of contemporary world architecture. Participants will discuss the topic “Value of Diversity in the Globalization Era”, will exchange of ideas with leading masters of the world contemporary architecture and will take part in the different sections of Interarch 2020.

Contents Of Interarch 2020:

  • Lectures By Leading Masters Of The World Contemporary Architecture
  • Seminars On Important Architecture Topics
  • Dedalo Minosse International Prize Exhibition
  • Exhibition “Leading Masters Of The World Contemporary Architecture”
  • Exhibition Of Original Sketches By Famous Architects
  • Exhibition-Competition Of Architectural Projects And Built Works
  • Exhibition-Competition Of Student’S Diploma Projects
  • Exhibition-Competition Of Books And Magazines On Architecture
  • Special Award For Career
  • Architectural Exhibitions In Some Of The International Cultural Centers | Institutes In Sofia


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