New York | Computational Growth Designer for Oxman

by Alex

Role: Computational growth designer


Neri Oxman is hiring a computational growth designer/bio-morphogeneticist to join her team in New York

OXMAN is seeking a computer scientist with experience in modeling the beauty and complexity of biological systems, specifically plants. This position requires skills ranging from 3D simulations of plant physics, cell simulation and the creation of 3D viewers with specialized graphics engines and customizable user interfaces.

Knowledge of theoretical frameworks of emergence and self-organization in developing cell populations through artificial gene regulatory networks combined with evolutionary computation (artificial life) is a plus. Interest in and/or experience with the design of artificial gene-based regulatory networks informed by and controlled through user-defined phenotypes or laboratory validation experiments (of any kind, in any domain of life) is key.

The candidate ought to exhibit the ability to model intercellular interaction, mechanical forces, differentiation, intercellular communications and growth in the service of studying processes of morphogenetic engineering. Knowledge of evolutionary computation and computational biology is advantageous, and the candidate is expected to work closely with plant biologists on the team.

Projects included in this job description combine applied science, experimental design and long-term translation of research at the intersection of plant biology, design and robotics. The position is highly interdisciplinary combining computational, laboratory and robotic approaches. Candidates are expected to lead research as part of tight-knit interdisciplinary teams.

The candidate should have strong communication skills (verbal, written and visual) and an eye for visuals. Individuals applying should submit a strong portfolio (publications, projects, or other) that highlights “out-of-the-box” thinking and a willingness to question standard research practices.

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