91 Leonard by Whitehall Interiors

by AAshir

91 Leonard is a luxury residential development located in Manhattan, New York, designed in 2016 by Whitehall Interiors.


91 Leonard offers a combination of pure luxury and modern living in a brand-new development in the legendary landmark neighborhood of Tribeca. Inspired by Tribeca’s rich contextual history, the design aesthetic of 91 Leonard took on a refined industrial palette that speaks to the neighborhoods’ former factories.

A polished industrial palette is used throughout the various amenity spaces, which include a lap pool, steam room, sauna, tenants lounge, gym, screening room, and kid’s room throughout the ground level and cellar of the building.

The juxtaposition of industrial finishes mixed with classic elements in a modern application was the approach throughout the design process of 91 Leonard.

Photography courtesy of Whitehall Interiors

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