A Look Inside ArtPlan’s New Brasilia Office

by AAshir

Advertising agency Artplan recently hired architecture and interior design firm SKborgers to design their new office in Brasilia, Brazil.

“Artplan is an advertising agency where we concepted a disruptive, open and nice space using colors and organic shapes.

The project has a terrace that has a privileged 180º view of the city of Brasília, an area that allows the staff to make their events and gatherings. From the terrace it is possible to have direct access to the agency’s area, getting easier use, as well as a decompression of the area.

The customized furniture of the spaces were made with legal timber, the wooden material conveys even more the feeling of comfort and well-being, we use vegetation on the walls and ceiling, thus applying biophilia, which psychologically guides towards the attraction for what is alive and vital, referring to our inner nature.

We kept the ceiling slab exposed and raw, applying to its elements such as electrical gutters, pendant lighting and suspended gardens above the workstations. The environment fills the space with enthusiasm and creativity.

In the borders of the work areas, we used glass boards in red, which indicates the color of the brand, where it is possible to write and make the meetings more dynamic.”

  • Location: Brasilia, Brazil
  • Date completed: December 2021
  • Size: 3,390 square feet
  • Design: SKborges
Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space / workspace
Meeting space
Meeting pods

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