AC House by Studio Arthur Casas

by AAshir

AC House is a minimalist house in the embrace of nature in Guarujá, Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed in 2022 by Studio Arthur Casas.


In the shape of two big symmetrical cubes embracing an open space, this house was designed as the architect’s dream house. On this context, the project has plenty of space to present one of his favorites premises: the inside space in total synergy with the outsides. In this project, this intention is materialized in an 11m high ceiling space, with continuous glass windows, from a side of the facade to the other.

From the walls to the floor, cumaru wood is everywhere. On the floors, the absence of divisions implies the space integration, for example, the living room communicates with the kitchen and also with the office. All this is surrounded by a big and nice terrace. Very close to it, the elevated deck works as a belvedere to appreciate untouched fragments of Atlantic Forest.

Photography courtesy of Studio Arthur Casas

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