Alvic Smart Home by Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez

by AAshir

Alvic Smart Home is a beautiful futuristic penthouse apartment located in Madrid, Spain, designed in 2019 by Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez.


A constructive, systematized, and articulated eco-design model, a space built in a modular and totally adaptable way that can perfectly change its scale and shapes according to the needs of our times. When the essence of the space is the movement that flows, the voids in height, and the contraposition of the planes in the entire extension of the three coordinate axes, a new concept of habitability is generated and a theme emerges from the smart home design by architect Hector Ruiz Velázquez. This new housing concept maximizes usability and takes advantage of the great characteristic of ALVIC material that is pushed to the limit, creating a type of construction totally free from stereotypes and decorative conventions.

Photography courtesy of Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez

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