Amura Apartment by Parás+ Izquierdo Architecture

by AAshir

Amura Apartment is a stunning home located in Veracruz, Mexico, designed in 2021 by Parás+ Izquierdo Architecture.


With thirty-seven floors, located in the coast of Veracruz sits the highest building on the southeast of Mexico. The project is located throughout the twenty-ninth floor creating 360° views enjoyable in each room.

The intention of the project consists of generating views to the Gulf of Mexico for the public areas, while the private areas have views to the city. The public program consists of a living room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen and bar. Meanwhile the private area is distributed around a big family room that connects to every bedroom.

The character of each block is attained through the selection of fine finishes and furniture that reaffirms each space’s private/public condition. Through stone materials the public areas get a formal atmosphere that contrasts that of the private spaces embraced by the warmth of fine wood. This way the proposal reaffirms the concept of in views, program, spaces, and materials.

Photography by Enrique R. Aguilar

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