Andy’s Home by Haven Space Design

by AAshir

Andy’s Home is a modern apartment located in Taichung City, Taiwan, designed in 2022 by Haven Space Design.


The couple purchased a pre-owned house located in a community building.

The originally spacious interior conditions, after removing a bedroom as an open study room, extends the visual depth and brings in more light.

The overall light and fresh texture is decorated with thick black, which highlights the lightness of the space in contrast.

The partition of the study room is made with iron and glass. The hollow effect of the partial connection between the top and the ceiling enhances the sense of transparency and space.

The arc design at the corners rounds out the space aisle and brings out a softness the rigidity of the iron pieces.

The kitchen space adopts the modern American style of black and white. The railway bricks in the backsplash makes the façade more layered.

Black and white plaid floor tiles add a touch of retro style.

In the master bedroom, the beam above the head of the bed is resolved by the bedside table, at the same time increasing the storage space.

The dressing room shared by the couple adopts a U-shaped configuration plan to create sufficient storage space.

The countertop in the dressing area is combined with the low cabinet to extend the countertop space. The makeup and skin care products often used can be placed at will, and the clothes to be worn can also be placed on the top for comparison and selection.

Photography courtesy of Haven Space Design

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