Apartment MR by Bender Arquitetura

by AAshir

Apartment MR is a beautiful contemporary home located in Curitiba, Brazil, designed in 2022 by Bender Arquitetura.


A project that aims at well-being and integrated spaces, a roof with approximately 120m2 made for a client who loves art, design and colors. We love the challenge, a project that really seeks the intimacy and identity of a young woman passionate about architecture like us..

There is no more powerful resource than color to light up a decor and identity for a project. If it can be enhanced by plenty of natural light, so much the better.

Exploring colors and creating unique rooms is ton sur ton, or tone on tone. In this trend, the idea is to combine different elements of the environment using the same color for various objects. You can even match the wall color with the furniture, creating a fully planned and unique space.

Photography courtesy of Bender Arquitetura

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