Apartment PNR by Metamoorfose Studio

by AAshir

Apartment PNR is a flexible urban home located in São Paulo, Brazil, redesigned in 2021 by Metamoorfose Studio.


The flexible urban apartment project looks to unify the common uses environments and offer some privacy when necessary.

In order to redistribute the space initially with two bedrooms, the demolition of one of them made it possible to expand the main living, also the bedroom and connect it to the balcony area now used as a dining room.

The curtain that visually guides the living, when closed, allows the transformation into a bedroom for an eventual visit. When its opened integres the other environments. The laundry (hidden in the woodworking) and barbecue area creates a linear connection with the kitchen, which receives natural light after this integration.

The choice of a neutral floor allowed the use of significant colors shades in horizontals and verticals planes. The graduation of colors is also given by the different materials, increasing these nuances in a delicate way. The chosen furniture reinforces the subtle passage of changing environments and its homogeneous surfaces complement the intended gradient.

Photography by Maira Acayaba

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