Apartment PV by Eva Grillo

by AAshir

Apartment PV is a contemporary home located in Catania, Italy, designed by Eva Grillo.


This apartment, with an area of 240 square meters, is located within a building constructed in 1958 in the center of the city of Catania.

The clients are a young couple who request the designer to intervene in the distribution system of the rooms and the complete renovation.

The project responds to the requests by resolving the distribution of space both in plan and section through the subtraction of pre-existing parts and the addition of furniture made to the design. The original spirit of the building’s construction era is present in the various stages of defining the executive design; the dualism between contemporaneity and memory takes shape through the profound actualization of the spaces and the executive design of the details of the handcrafted interior and exterior fixtures.

Photography courtesy of Eva Grillo

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