Argo House by Megowan Architectural

by AAshir

Argo House is a contemporary house located in South Yarra, Australia, designed in 2021 by Megowan Architectural.


Located in South Yarra, Argo is a sophisticated family home that capitalized fully on every square mm of its compact 214 sqm inner urban site. The design and massing carefully edit and respond to difficult planning interfaces at each boundary and organization of the home were set up to overcome the associated challenges of a south-facing rear yard. All ground floor spaces and circulation pinwheel around a central northeast-facing courtyard which serves not only as a welcome focal point to the entry sequence of the residence but also injects natural light deep into the principal living spaces of this high caliber home.

Curved stone, plasterboard, render and tile walls pair with two highly sculptural stairs to provide soft transitions which provide the home with a spatial generosity that defies the compact footprint of the residence.

The detailing and proportions of the interiors are elegant, refined, and animated via several strategically located skylights, dappled privacy screens, and an electrically operated glazed roof hatch.

Despite the small site, the house does not compromise on outdoor space. There are four different external rooms that have been designed into the floor plan. The front garden, the central courtyard, the rear garden, and a roof deck overlooking the CBD and South Yarra.

Joinery rebates, plaster reveals, skirtings, and steel-framed mullions all uniformly align to create horizontal datums which create subtle aesthetic and formal cohesion across materials and rooms.

Photography by Tim Kaye

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