Big Sky Beach House by Andrea McLean Studio

by AAshir

Big Sky Beach House is a Vancouver take on an Australian beach house, designed in 2020 by Andrea McLean Studio.


Combining the open and airy feeling of an Australian Beach House with the need for privacy on this small lot in the Vancouver seaside neighborhood of Kitsilano, this 2,400-square-foot house was designed with the ultimate goal of simplicity in mind. Particular focus was spent on the creation of bright interior spaces with ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors when the weather cooperates – both on the ground and roof levels.

The ability to open both ends of the living level to enjoy warm summer breezes completes the indoor/outdoor living experience. Custom articulating exterior cedar screens respond to varying needs for privacy and solar control. Beyond practicality, the wood screens provide visual tactility and beauty tying this home to its beachside locale.

The homeowners, a young professional couple, and their one-year-old son wanted the interiors to also follow through with the same approach where natural materials are not only functional but also tactile and beautifully relaxed.

Brushed walnut millwork is found throughout the home, as well as concrete aggregate floors. Wool and leather furnishings are framed by the flowing linen sheers. The rugs were hand-selected by the homeowners on a trip to Morocco during the build. Everything was chosen not simply for purpose, but also for ease of living and to marry with their existing textiles, art, and decor.

Photography courtesy of Andrea McLean Studio

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