Bilgola Beach House by Olson Kundig

by AAshir

Bilgola Beach House is a two-story house located on the northern coast of Sydney, Australia, designed in 2018 by Olson Kundig.


Nestled in the sand dunes of Bilgola Beach, this 9,400-square-foot beach house is located on the northern coast of Sydney, Australia. Passing through palm trees and Norfolk Pines, the site’s entrance leads through the solid volumes of the home’s main and guest wings. Upon approaching the front door, the view opens up to the sand dune and beach beyond.

Responding to the beachfront environment of its headland site, the home is designed to withstand Australia’s dramatic climate conditions, where harsh sunlight, high winds and flooding are common. The structure is set on concrete piles, allowing sand and water to move in and out beneath the building. At the same time, the design allows the family to connect with the natural environment, with shaded retractable window walls that merge inside with outside and provide passive ventilation. An interior courtyard brings filtered daylight into the core of the home, where a central water feature helps to cool the air.

The color of the home’s board-formed concrete walls references the color of the local sands, relating the architecture to its site and helping it merge with the natural condition of the headlands as it weathers over time.


This 9,400 SF family home in the sand dunes of Bilgola Beach is organized into transparent and opaque zones. The private spaces of the home stretch to the north and south of the site and are framed in board-formed concrete that blends with the sand. Spanning between these two solid volumes are the floor-to-ceiling glazed areas of the public and entertaining spaces.

Photography by Rory Gardiner

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