Blackbox by Strand Design

by AAshir

Blackbox is a modern lake house located in Spicer, Minnesota, designed in 2021 by Strand Design.


The simple geometry of this dark steel-clad lake home provides an immediate contrast to its warm and dynamic interior volumes. Expansive planes of glass and operable folding wall systems capture sprawling views and direct connections to this unique property bookended by two bodies of water.

Brought together in a variety of ways, the interior spaces of this home feel inviting and engaged, allowing its occupants to interact within the spaces both inside and out. With a dynamic stairway at its core, extensive custom White Oak millwork and cabinetry tie the home together through materiality, while open glass railings and two-story volumes create visual and spatial continuity.

Overlooking water to both the Eastern and Western horizons, the open central core of this unique lake home provides captivating light and views from dawn to dusk.

Photography courtesy of Strand Design

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