Bonson Bonsai House by S+S Architects

by AAshir

Bonson Bonsai House is a modern three-story semidetached house located in Bangkok, Thailand, designed in 2017 by S+S Architects.


This house is in a quiet neighborhood in the residential zone in Bangkok. It was renovated from the 27-year-old house by the architects; Mr. Sarunyu Uawisetwattana and Ms. Napat Sampaothong, who are passionately in love with design and nature, especially “bonsai”.
The story of this house started before the renovation had begun, they have put a lot of effort into seeking a place that could potentially be developed into the house that they envisioned. After years of finding, they discovered this 300 square-meter structure which was abandoned for the past 15 years.

The improvement focuses on implementing the idea of balancing essential functional needs with green space and utilizing nature in daily life in the limited existing perimeter. They believe that living sustainably with nature could help to enhance the quality of life and efficiently reduce energy consumption.

This house is a three-story semidetached house, comprising a two-car garage, living and dining space, working area, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, prayer room, and most importantly; the dedicated space for bonsais. This space makes the place become a one-of-a-kind place with its own special functional identity.

One of the main features of this house is the central courtyard which serves as the core of the house visually and physically. It can be seen from every room in the house and significantly brings natural light into the house and allows natural ventilation.

The most important space in the house is the bonsais terrace where the owners normally spend time. The existing planning of this house has a bedroom on the second floor, they turn this space into a decent size balcony for the workshop and nursery area for bonsais, they also add a custom-made lift to the existing balcony in the courtyard for transporting trees and tools between levels.

The owners see this house as “A big pot for Living”, it has everything that they love, reflects their lifestyle, and represents its own concept. This house is worth everything that they have invested in, and they believe that it will bring them good fortune and prosperity.

Photography by Baanlaesuan Megazine, Mr. Sitthisak Namkham

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