Brick by Brick by Jooca Studio

by AAshir

Brick by Brick is an industrial brick apartment located in Bucharest, Romania, designed in 2021 by Jooca Studio.


Brick by Brick is a two-room apartment, 60qm, in a beautiful building with Scandinavian architecture located near Bucharest, just in front of a forest.

The architectural concept is based on letting the constructive material be seen, be part of the inhabitants’ life. This sincere approach influenced our interior design concept. Our aim was to create a design that would seem derived from the architecture of the building.

The industrial touches were inherent, as well as the contrasts of colors and materials. Our focus was to let the brick be exposed at the maximum, so the storage furniture is metallic and sleek, covered with just a sheer curtain in the bedroom. Moreover, the kitchen backsplash is made of glass, for the same reason.

Photography courtesy of Jooca Studio

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