C Apartment by Carola Vannini

by AAshir

C Apartment is a luxury home located in Rome, Italy, designed in 2022 by Carola Vannini.


This apartment, located in a noble Roman neighborhood historical building, was previously used as a student house.

The project’s purpose is to bring it back to its original importance, despite its modest 90 sq meters surface. A big importance has been given to the day area that is now completely open, without any partition.

Kitchen, living room and dining space coexist. Decorative elements, such as stucco and precious materials have been used to make each room unique. All furniture has been designed and custom made, including the parquet floor made of ancient oak wood, characterized by a polychrome inlay placed underneath the dining table. The night area also follows the building’s ‘900 century style through a delicate ceiling fresco that recalls the original one, painted on the exterior facades. Bathrooms agree with the apartment’s style by using interesting colors for the resina veneering. The lighting design has also been carefully studied in order to emphasize the architectural elements.

The project has created a one-of-a-kind very refined luxury apartment that find a balance between modern and ancient.

Photography courtesy of Carola Vannini

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