Ca na Joaneta by Lluís Bort

by AAshir

Ca na Joaneta is a traditional stone retreat located in Ariany, Spain, designed in 2021 by Lluís Bort.


Ca na Joaneta is an off-grid retreat situated in a land of 5.500 m2 land, halfway from the towns of Ariany and Maria de la Salut. It is located in an area between dry stone walls that generate the iconic landscape of “Pla de Mallorca”.

The reconstruction of the isolated single-family house on rustic soil maintains the same proportions and essence of the traditional construction. In order to shape this sustainable holiday home, only sandstones from the original structure and vernacular materials have been used.

The building sits over the original masonry walls’ footprint. This pre-existence in the territory has conditioned the distribution of the functional program and the adjacent free spaces, leaving the rest in its natural state, unchanged.

Inside, there is an expansive open-plan living space that allows the whole family to stay away from the bustle of the city, flexible and open to people’s interpretation of intimacy. Taking advantage of the height of the remaining structure, the wooden mezzanine hosts private spaces on the second level.

The outer area creates a new open room, a space between the stone shelter and the green nature. Its orientation to the south provides pleasant conditions for both winter and summer days.

Photography by Lluís Bort

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