Casa Almez by Laura Ortín Arquitectura

by AAshir

Casa Almez is a modern home located in Murcia, Spain, recently designed by Laura Ortín Arquitectura.


This house, facing west, would be a great inconvenience if it were not for its excellent views of a large park full of trees (almeces, palm trees, ficus centenarians, etc..).

The clients asked us for a kitchen open to the living room but with a certain spatial independence. Also three well-delimited rooms and an office/study area. They also valued very much having a large terrace to enjoy the privileged views of the park.

The reform is resolved as an “agora”, an open space, assembly, a sort of yin yang, common and private where three mouths or outlets connect and dump there (kitchen, hall rooms, and terrace).

To enhance this idea, these “holes” are shaded in different colors, in this case in sand and terracotta.

In this project, we have worked on the use of different ceramics always in the same chromatic range and playing with the joints in floors and walls to break the stereotype of traditional ceramic tile.

The terrace is extended with a glazed element that is introduced in one of the bedrooms and the space gained is thought of as a large garden that introduces and continues with the vegetation of the park.

That chromatic range that guides the project is only interrupted by the children’s room, the headboard cabinet is an abstraction of mauve clouds, a license is deliberately taken to create an idealized and special atmosphere that creates a vibrant and creative environment.

Photography courtesy of Laura Ortín Arquitectura

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