Casa Chiaroscuro by Biasol Studio

by AAshir

Casa Chiaroscuro is a modern minimalist home located in Melbourne, Australia, designed in 2018 by Biasol Studio.


The artistic technique of chiaroscuro inspired and guided the design language of Casa Chiaroscuro, as we contrasted the beauty of black and the splendor of light to create a modern, minimal and beautiful family home. The entrance and staircase are a bright, voluminous space, flooded with light from above, while expansive glass windows and sliding doors embrace views and draw light into the living areas and bedrooms. We designed bold compositions of black oak joinery to provide depth and contrast against a tonal palette in these light-filled spaces and to denote the places where the family comes together. Black detailing on the glass and timber staircase leads the eye upstairs to the bedrooms and bathrooms, which are immersive and luxurious with dark materials used to create a dramatic and calming effect.

Photography by Derek Swalwell

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