Casa Sedici Tre by Studio Fabio Fantolino

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Casa Sedici Tre is a contemporary mid-19th century apartment located in Turin, Italy, completely redesigned in 2022 by Studio Fabio Fantolino.


An apartment located on the main floor of the Palazzo dei Conti Callori, an aristocratic palace designed by Antonelli in the mid-19th century, amalgamating later extensions from the early 20th century in the portion that was once the old stables.

The apartment, now totaling 600 square meters, was created by the union of several portions. One of the nineteenth-century, historic layout, characterized by generous glazed openings, antique wood and seeded floors, and a pictorial and fresco layout in what was once the family chapel and noble rooms. The other of the elevation of the early 20th-century portion, featuring large rooms but lower ceilings.

The one that now houses the living area, with its two communicating lounges, dining room and large kitchen area, is characterized by a pictorial layout and original floors that immediately formed the main pillars of the interior design, conditioning it but certainly enriching it.

The main approach was dictated by the need to interact with the historical pre-existences of the living area (floors and frescoes) through contemporary ruptures.

Thus it was that the materials, lines and volumes of the furnishings were chosen so that they would be as uniform as possible, with few chromatic and material breaks precisely to lighten an already highly articulated environment.

The whole project plays on the intrinsic characteristics and messages evoked by the materials and colors themselves: wood gave elegance, fossil oak authenticity, black contemporaneity, slender legs and shapes lightness, bronzed metal preciousness, always in continuity and never in antithesis with the pre-existences.

Photography by Giorgio Possenti

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