Casa SP by Viso Arquitectura

by AAshir

Casa SP is a minimalist single-story house located in Ourém, Portugal, designed in 2020 by Viso Arquitectura.


Sited in Ourém, Portugal, SP house is placed on a sloping site from the road. The surrounding landscape is marked, on the east, by a cork oak valley and the Ourém Castle. This project wants to optimize this view by improving the connection between the house, the landscape, and nature.

SP house is organized into 2 floors, result of the slope of the land. To mitigate the height between the main entrance and the land, the creation of a half-buried basement was needed placing the garage and technical rooms there.

At the same level as the street, is possible to find the main floor where the habitable spaces of the house are located. The main purpose of this was the prospect that the house would only have a single floor.

Volumetrically, the house intends to show the habitable floor designed with an orthogonal L plan, and the half-buried basement is wanted visually more discreet.

The basement is where the garage and the technical rooms are located. The main floor was designed according to the sunlight having social spaces with a direct connection to the landscape. The living room and bedrooms are located to the east and south increasing the use of the sunlight while allowing the connection between the exterior living place in this part of the plot which pretends to be an extension of the house.

The interior organization of spaces wants a close connection with the exterior living place increasing both the view to the east and the surrounding trees and nature.

Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio

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