Casa Ztudio by AT Ztudio

by AAshir

Casa Ztudio is a contemporary residence located in Mexicali, Mexico, designed in 2020 by AT Ztudio.


Casa Ztudio is a personal project where we had the opportunity to create spaces that reflect our lifestyle and personality.

This project not only embraces simplicity through its geometry, distribution and materials, but frames our daily life.

The house develops on a single floor plan, where it was important to us that both the common area (living room, kitchen, dining room) and bedroom had natural light and ventilation. For the multipurpose room we were looking for the opposite, we wanted to create a dark room for meditation.

During the design process we decided that the studio should be a totally independent space in order to keep work and personal life separate (which certainly it is difficult to achieve)).

As architects, we enjoy seeing the elements that make up spaces, this is the reason the studio has an industrial look where raw materials such as the beams and steel deck are appreciated.

On the ground floor of the studio you can find workspace, a small lounge area and bathroom; on the second floor, there is more workspace, a meeting area and a small terrace. Since the terrace faces the street we placed perforated steel plates to maintain privacy.

Without a doubt the whole process of designing and building this project was full of emotions, but at the end we get to enjoy and live in these spaces that tell our story.

Photography by Aldo Gracia

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