Casa_PT by Pleroo Design Studio

by AAshir

Casa_PT is a contemporary apartment located in Polignano, Italy, designed in 2022 by Pleroo Design Studio.


In the renowned town of Polignano a Mare, famous for its picturesque views and enchanting sea, house “Isa Bella” was born.

The project, created in collaboration with arch. Adriano Pasciuti, took shape from the designs of a micro-architecture that, through the dividing element of furniture, is formally linked to the local traditional architecture.

This is how this bookcase closet, enhanced by a floral wallpaper, winks at nearby Mediterranean atmospheres; just as the furnishings themselves, from Hay’s Mega Dot bedspread to Meitrei’s contemporary artwork, take us back to a fresh and refined atmosphere in which to spend pleasant sojourns.

The interiors are distinguished, then, by the softness of the warm tones of the walls, in textured plaster, by the floors in coccio pesto typical of the local tradition, and by furnishings and lighting fixtures that pay homage to made-in-Italy design, such as the Mariolina chair by Enzo Mari and the vintage articulated wall lamp by Martinelli Luce.

The charm of a historic location and the elegant contemporary atmosphere make this home an extraordinary place to stay in Polignano’s historic center.

Photography by Pleroo Design Studio

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