Chamfer House by Stukel Architecture

by AAshir

Chamfer House is an extension to an existing semi-detached Federal-style house in Sydney, Australia, by Stukel Architecture.


Chamfer house stealthily integrates a first-floor addition to an existing federation style semi-detached dwelling located in Sydney’s inner-west. The ‘chamfer’ was inspired by the 45deg geometry of the existing tiled roof and allows the building to minimize its presence to the streetscape whilst maximizing its orientation to take advantage of summer and winter sun angles. On the lower level, the ‘pop-up’ window over the kitchen and dining zones cleverly frames a view to a mature and very present tree canopy in the rear courtyard. A double height void serves as a central internal connecting device, providing much needed light to the living, kitchen and dining zones below.

On the upper level, high level windows light up a generously sized bedroom whilst chamfered walls playfully conceal a hidden en-suite and provide a connection back to the streetscape.

The upper and lower levels are interconnected by a winding staircase and internal balcony linking the public and private zones. The internal balcony also serves as an intimate viewing platform to gaze over the deciduous tree canopy.

Photography courtesy of Stukel Architecture

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