Chicago Townhouse by Alexander Gorlin Architects

by AAshir

Chicago Townhouse is a loft-like two-story home located in Chicago, Illinois, recently redesigned by Alexander Gorlin Architects.


Set between more traditional homes, the contrast between old and new is highlighted by the cantilevered living area over a private garden in front. On the right, a dramatic stair leads up to the main level, then continues to the floors above, slicing through to a glass skylight that floods the interior with natural daylight.

On the main level, a continuous loft-like two-story space is open from front to back, with the living area overlooking the street and a music area in the rear framing the kitchen and open dining area in the middle. The master bedroom and bathroom appear to float, suspended above this volume of space. Privacy is casually achieved with garment racks that utilize the owner’s wardrobe as a curtain or screen from the street. The main stair winds up the side wall from the master bedroom level to the roof deck above. In the rear, the garage is located on the service alley, defining a garden area between it and the back of the house.

Photography by Michael Moran

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