Coloured aluminium by Sandalor to adorn tower by Ateliers Jean Nouvel

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Render of HEKLA Tower by Jean Nouvel

Design Daily promotion: aluminium gold-hued struts coloured by Sandalor will line the exterior of the HEKLA Tower, which Pritzker prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel’s studio is designing in Paris.

The metal struts have been selected by Ateliers Jean Nouvel from Sandalor’s range of colourful anodised aluminium finishes, which are made specifically for architectural use.

Render of HEKLA Tower
Coloured aluminium by Sandalor will line the HEKLA Tower

Sandalor’s process of colouring aluminium has been developed to prevent designers from “having to sacrifice the metallic character” of the material when specifying coloured versions of it.

“This is a colouring process for anodised aluminium that has been specially developed for architecture and combines the advantages of anodising with the possibilities of a wide colour spectrum,” Sandalor explained. “And in which the optical properties of the metal are permanently preserved.”

HEKLA Tower facade detail
The struts have been chosen from Sandalor’s range of coloured-aluminium surface finishes

In the case of the 48-storey HEKLA Tower, several aluminium struts chosen by Ateliers Jean Nouvel will have a golden hue.

They will be used to emphasise the shapes of the triangular glass panels on the tower’s facade, which are intended to add “flamboyance” to the Parisian skyline, according to Nouvel.

Roof terrace of HEKLA Tower
The struts will be used to outline HEKLA Tower’s glass facade panels

“Sandalor supports the uniqueness of the building, shapes its appearance and creates an individual, constantly changing play of light on the facade,” added Sandalor.

In addition to the aluminium finishes used on the 220 metres high HEKLA Tower, Sandalor’s anodised aluminium is available in different shades of olive-yellow, red, blue and turquoise.

Sandalor's coloured-aluminium
Sandalor’s coloured-aluminium is designed to retain a metallic look

Each finish is designed to withstand outdoor weathering and is also resistant to light exposure.

According to Sandalor, the material requires minimal maintenance and cleaning costs and can help architects and designers create an “interplay of colours and light” in their projects.

Sandalor's coloured-aluminium
Gold is among a number of colour finishes available

On the HEKLA Tower, placement of the aluminium struts will also act as brises soleil, deflecting sunlight and reducing heat gain within the glass tower.

“I imagined a prismatic composition which multiplies the polychrome sun-screens – amber, silver and blue – and mingles glass and metal, brightness and shade, mass effects and transparency,” said Nouvel, referring to the tower’s design.

Red-hued aluminium by Sandalor
Sandalor also creates red-hued aluminium

HEKLA Tower is set to complete in 2022 in the Paris La Défense business district when the aluminium facade finishes by Sandalor have been put in place.

It will be made up of 48 floors and 76,000 square metres of office space, alongside performance halls, restaurants, bars and housing.

Blue-hued aluminium by Sandalor
Blue-hued aluminium is also available in Sandalor’s range

At the top of the building, the glass panels and adjoining aluminium struts will enclose a tree-filled roof terrace.

To find out more about Sandalor’s anodised aluminium surfaces visit its website.

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