Contemporary Farmhouse by Provenzano Architetti Associati

by AAshir

Contemporary Farmhouse is an inspiring private residence located in Castellammare del Golfo, Italy, designed in 2022 by Provenzano Architetti Associati.


This house stands in the countryside of Castellammare del Golfo in contrada Fraginesi a hilly area characterized by the widespread presence of olive groves sloping towards the sea. The design choices are inspired by the interpretation of some typical elements of rural elencale architecture such as volumetric articulation, the sequence of courtyards to covered or semi-covered spaces, and pitched roofs. A main volume with double height above ground contains the bedrooms for which the overlooking of the inner courtyard, the functional core of the house, was favored. A second volume, at a single elevation contains the living room and kitchen, rooms that, through large windows open onto a loggia connected to the grassy garden and, in the background to the swimming pool. The design ambition of recreating the environment of a completed farmhouse that inscribes within it a portion a courtyard is reiterated by the volume of the annex connected to the main body through a large pergola. They characterize the plan layout of the house a sequence of courtyards and semi-covered spaces used for activities related to the kitchen area and car parking. It is precisely through a courtyard that the house is accessed according to a scheme typical of traditional Mediterranean architecture, which in this project is also evoked by the monochromatic choice of white.

Photography by Benedetto Tarantino

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