Crestvale Residence by Clark Richardson Architects

by AAshir

Crestvale Residence is a sustainable two-story residence located in Barton Hills, Austin, Texas, designed by Clark Richardson Architects.


Not only did our Barton Hills, Crestvale Residence receive a 5 Star Austin Energy Green Build Award but it was also designed with extensive reflection around what makes a Healthy Home for this young family. All specifications and design discussions came back to the two questions, is it sustainable and is it a healthy choice? The material selections and detailing appear common but has high performance qualities just below the surface. The client has an electrical sensitivity so all wiring utilized cobalt coating instead of PVC, the insulation was rock wool rather than fiber glass, the paint was a mineral based clay paint called Romabio paint which is high performing paint and toxic free. We opted to use an MgO Board made of magnesium oxide, a healthier more sustainable alternative to standard gypsum board and plywood sheathing. The exterior stucco uses an innovative integrated rain screen / screed system by Delta Dry and Lathe to ensure water is not trapped behind the finish surface avoiding unseen mold issues that could arise. The result is a very quiet, calming and healthy home. The home sits nestled under broad roof forms for solar shading and makes use of indoor/outdoor adjacencies at all living and primary spaces.

Photography by Chase Daniel

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