David’s Home by Haven Space Design

by AAshir

David’s Home is an inspiring apartment located in Taichung City, Taiwan, designed in 2021 by Haven Space Design.


To create a calm living space for the owner, designer uses dark walnut as the main theme. Appropriately left the wall and ceiling to be white, amplifies the spacious feeling, and becomes a competent background for the design elements.

From entrance to living room, the configuration of ceiling height and the ground material, creates a soothing atmosphere.

In common, TV wall as the focus of the living room would be emphasized. Designer does the opposite and paint it with cement paint, so it can be integrated unobtrusively.

Using glass as partition, amplifying the sense of openness and visual penetrability, and allowing ample sunlight to enter.

The wine display cabinet, designer uses metal boards and stainless-steel bars to create an eye-catching spot within the overall low-key atmosphere. The spacing between the bars has been calculated, which can not only display the bottle, but also serve as a wine glass holder.

In master bedroom, the bathroom sliding door saves the door radius, improves the space utilization, and allows the veneer to extend, creating a rhythmic aesthetics. The glass embedded in the wall also extends the depth of the room, adding obscure beauty.

Photography courtesy of Haven Space Design

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