Đóm by The Bloom

by AAshir

Đóm is a beautiful coffee shop in Bao Loc city, Vietnam, designed in 2021 by The Bloom.


Đóm is a small coffee shop in Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province. An investor is a knowledgeable person who knows about coffee and wants to have a “moderate” shop, many pots trees, and enough space to take care of and share his coffee experiences.

“Teahouse precarious a verse ” is what I think of when I first start working, a simple story, close and effective will be what the Investor needs, for that reason the long Counter throughout the shop was created for the purpose of connecting people, the light were tiny lamps hidden on the old corrugated iron floor that looked like small fireflies illuminating, opening up stories sad and happy from seemingly unfamiliar guests are sitting together.

When I wrote this article, Đóm has been in operation for a while and I feel the best value it brings to the community, a story created to listen to life’s stories, Neither noisy nor quiet, quiet but many emotions are like the people here.

Photography courtesy of The Bloom

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