Double Dream by Ministudio Architetti

by AAshir

Double Dream by Ministudio Architetti is a restoration project of Turcke Castle, an eclectic style villa located in Genoa, Italy.


Ministudio Architetti confronts Castello Turcke, a historic architectural icon of Capo S. Chiara in Genoa, designed by Gino Coppedè in 1903.

The building is a peculiar version of the private villa in eclectic taste, with multiple historical references to the medieval Florentine castle, visible from the sea and hidden from view from the city, it stands imperious and inaccessible on the cliff.

The project was confronted with the exceptional nature of the context, moving toward the choice of an exclusive, completely tailor-made intervention. Every element of interior architecture and furnishings were designed by the Studio in detail and with deep craftsmanship research of the fine materials used, including the selection of site-specific abstract pictorial works.

The renovation, which was completed in the summer of 2021, was set between the search for an ethereal and contemporary space and the intent to enhance the history and soul of the castle, through the dialogue between the preexisting, concrete and hyper-decorated materials and the newly introduced, luminous, reflective and light-shifting materials.

Photography by Aldo Amoretti

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